Acton Clean Up Day

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Acton's had a cleanup day for 20 years, with recent year events organized by Green Acton. This year, Asian American Civic Engagement Alliance (AACEA) is pleased to partner with Green Acton to expand the one-day event into a town-wide, week-long activity in which we invite everyone to participate.

On the website www.ActonCleanup.Info you will find specific areas in Acton that need attention. We encourage everyone to sign up for a site and clean it up — pick up any trash you may find. On the website, you can also add other areas that need cleanup. This service for your community can be done anytime from April 21 through April 29 (Saturday to Sunday). You may pick up bags for trash and recycling from the Acton Memorial Library (486 Main Street). Students in your family can also pick up bags from the junior and senior high schools; you will find trash drop-off locations on the website.

We hope you will join us to clean up Acton throughout the week of April 21–29. Remember to
visit the website www.ActonCleanup.Info to 

  • obtain more information
  • adopt an area for your family or your group to clean up throughout the week